Steve Houser encouraged the Dallas City Council to update the tree ordinance and even helped write the new ordinance...many times. He worked with the city, developers and other interested parties to develop an ordinance that could be agreed on. 

Steve spent many hours and even days at City Hall attending council meetings, meeting with council members privately, and participating in ZOAC meetings promoting revisions to better protect trees in Dallas County. 

Steve also spent a great deal of time emailing and calling other leaders and advocates to keep them informed and active in the effort to revise the ordinance.

He has won many battles, and sadly he has also lost some. Regardless, he has made many people aware of the benefits trees offer and he has sparked a passion for trees in many people's hearts.

Steve Houser has never waivered in his commitment to trees and our environment. Not only has he volunteered more time, resources and energy to these causes than anyone else I know of, he also walks the talk. His farm is off the grid, using solar panel trees, geothermal A/C and heat, drought tolerant landscaping, water gathering, etc. 

In addition to the environmentally sound practices he uses at his home and farm, he built a new office building for his company, Arborilogical Services, Inc., which has been featured in several articles because of his green building efforts.

Steve Houser is the most dedicated person I know to any cause. For the past 30 plus years, he has encouraged others to protect our natural resources and educated them on why it is so important.