Rogue Water is dedicated to being a resource for water providers that are passionate about better communicating with the public they serve to preserve the trust and integrity of public health. They are driven by six core values: authenticity, curiosity, gratitude, boldness, connections and empathy. Rogue moves the needle by creating content through their podcast that serves as a resource to help utilities improve. Rogue Water also serves as a bridge between the public water sector and private water tech companies that can help water providers better serve their customers and further protect the public health of the community. Rogue Water is passionate about leading by example and this is how they strive to be green. Rogue's mission is to revolutionize the water industry through communication and collaboration.

Rogue Water cofounders Arianne Shipley and Stephanie Zavala were both voted as part of the 40 under 40 group through the Fort Worth Business Press. They demonstrated leadership throughout their careers as award winning educators in municipal water utilities on the regional, state, and national levels, even being recognized by the American Water Works Associate and the Environmental Protection Agency. They continue to be thought leaders in the water sector through their podcast, Water in Real Life, that serves as a resource for water utilities passionate about better communicating with the public they serve and learning skills to grow themselves personally and professionally.

Rogue Water is making an environmental impact by educating leaders in the industry on how to better communicate the value of water to make citizens more informed so that they can make better decisions that directly impact their public health and water resources. By pairing their industry knowledge with their passion for communication and storytelling, the women of Rogue Water aim to empower communities and utilities to work together, instead of at odds with another, to move the industry forward. They are working to ensure that all citizens have access to safe, clean drinking water and that the natural resources we depend upon for that drinking water source are protected.

Rogue Water demonstrates commitment to the DFW green community by supporting local causes related to water including the TRWD's Trinity Trash Bash. They also partner with other organizations whenever possible to promote the value of water in unique ways. They are currently planning a collaboration with local artist Julia Ross and Gallery 440 on a water themed art show. A portion of proceeds will go to the Ocean Conservancy but Rogue will be on site to educate visitors about local water impacts. They continue to advocate for and raise awareness of local water issues, in addition to promoting the free resources that are available to residents to become more water literate citizens.

Cofounders, Arianne and Stephanie, are truly passionate about what they do. It comes across in every conversation and in every podcast interview. They truly are a catalyst for a blue revolution around water.