Lori has a tremendous work ethic, and is the team's go-to resource for all of our sustainability education resource needs. She is one of those rare individuals who is both creative and analytical. She has taught classes on Systems Thinking, developed a tool that simplified resilience reporting for all of the colleges and created a Faculty Sustainability Resources list for MVC that she has now shared with the entire district. She is an excellent teacher (of students and employees) and has a knack for making complicated subjects easier to understand.

Lori is just now finishing up her Master's degree in Sustainability from SMU and simultaneously starting her Ph.D. in Urban Planning with a sustainability emphasis at UT Arlington. As part of her master's capstone project, she has created a faculty workbook called "Sustainability: Designing Interdisciplinary Opportunities for Teaching." The workbook provides faculty members with detailed examples of how they can incorporate sustainability into their course, regardless of the discipline. 

Lori is an expert recycler, composter and waste minimization expert. As the recycling coordinator for the City of Fort Worth, she made numerous presentations to schools and community organizations on waste minimization and earned the City of Fort Worth a municipal environmental award for increasing recycling from the TNRCC (which is now know as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality -TECQ).

As the "Compostology" project leader for the City of Euless, she earned the City Livability Award for Small Cities from the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Lori currently sits on the North Central Texas Council of Governments Committee for Sustainable Development.

In the past, she served as the captain of the Citizens on Patrol volunteer group in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth.

She uses all of this valuable knowledge and experience to help DCCCD's Purchasing Dept. select the best recycling vendor when contracts expire.

Lori has devoted her life to teaching others why sustainability is critical and how to achieve it.

She is a "doer" who has great ideas and follows through on them.

We need more people like her.