An entire team of young leaders trained the full camp to role model recycling throughout the daily events of camp. These systems included integrating a new system to wash dishes from the daily lunch deliveries, so that more than water bottles can be recycled. The team also set up and serviced their own recycling services in the lobby for over five productions with more than 1,200 patrons served. The system continued with the tour of the Resident Company who implemented recycling on tour and daily in rehearsals from September until May. Kids Who Care’s recycling system remains in place beyond the message of this show, and is now a permanent mode of operation.

Up to three large recycling bags were collected per day during the months of June, July and August. 

Kids Who Care partnered with educators to create a study guide to help share this message with students across the Metroplex. The study guide was created to share with teachers that integrates both Science and Social Studies TEKS. The study guide explores Earth cycles and systems, natural resources, alternative energy and responsible eco-citizenship through service learning. The study guide consists of eight complete lesson plans, reproducible activity sheets, additional online resources, and steps to developing a program to create service learning opportunities.

Kids Who Care toured Earth and Soul to places of power, places that matter, places of credibility and places of visibility to share the message of taking care of our planet. Through the tour, Earth and Soul was presented at: The Fort Worth City Council, Cook Children's Medical Center, Fortress Youth Development Center, Panther and Northside Boys and Girls Club, Earth X, Cowtown Clean Up and Walt Disney World California. Performances were held live in schools and included The Academy at Nola Dun in Burleson, Jack C Binion Elementary in Hurst and 

Nestle Elementary in Tarzana, CA

This organization is creating a global and long term impact by teaching and role modeling the reasons to take care of our planet.