Jarratt is a natural science technician and mediator with experience in advocacy, community outreach and education, events planning, government relations and non-profit conservation. As a technician he's primed to operate ecological monitoring stations, perform flora and fauna surveys, conduct water and soil sampling and testing, operate microscopes (optical and electron), grow bacterial cultures and perform related microbiological analyses, and commit to QA procedures that best guide biological and chemical analyses. As a mediator he is capable of navigating civil and environmental conflicts, and focus on disputes that arise from natural resource management issues, human-wildlife conflict, sustainable development and zoning conflicts, ecosystem stewardship, urban and rural conservation efforts, permitting, and pollution monitoring and abatement.

He currently works as a cofounder to The Great Seed Bomb. He works across the greater Dallas area as a contract (and pro-bono) siting, development and seed bomb production specialist. He is constantly seeking permissions and researching the rules and regulations we need to know before can commit to wildflower seedings and prairie restoration on public and private property, educating himself on parks and green space BMP's, planning educational events, organizing conservation workshops, refining our fundraising mechanisms, manufacturing seed bombs and assisting well-to-do urbanites in the design and cultivation of "pocket prairies" and pollinator gardens.

Jarrett has exhibited dedication while running dozens of seed ball making workshops, including two years at Earth Day Texas. As a result, hundreds of people have been educated about the plight of pollinators and 100,000 plus seed balls have been given away and distributed to boost native habitat in North Texas. He has also collaborated with partner organizations who have benefited through these workshops and we helped spread the word of their work, as well.

Cities see Jarratt as a municipal partner and his guided hikes, seed ball workshops and volunteer days as a great way to do community outreach. These are also great for youth engagement and education.

He's worked so hard for the mission of prairie restoration and is so passionate about it. I feel it's time that hard work and dedication, at all odds, is recognized.