Members include James White (Team Leader), Jeanette Anders, Darcy Gustafson, Melissa Brown, Kelsey Robinson, Brittany Rosenberg and Gail Manning (Consultant).

Each of the Green Team volunteers has spent dozens of personal hours (since March) networking, researching, visiting recycling centers and developing new systems. Each are leaders in sustainability for on-site departments and often off-site social circles.

In July, Brittany Rosenberg gave a presentation on the program’s success and the state of recycling in the city to a Garden roundtable audience, including members of Fort Worth’s Code Compliance, Police Department and the Parks and Recreation Department. In August, Team Leader James White spoke at a two-day sustainability conference held by the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association. 

The Green Team has begun partnering with local groups like The Welman Project to divert leftover decorations and party materials from rentals and weddings to local underserved schools. 

The Team is also planning several free Lunch & Learn events with opportunities for public outreach about recycling as well as a massive week-long educational festival and extravaganza for Earth Week 2019. 

While the Garden administration has been very supportive of the Green Team’s work, almost everything this team has accomplished has been on personal time and through personal passion.