The nominee and website exhibit a drive to spread sustainable thinking freely, and without bound. All communities with varying levels of resources and budgets are clearly and fiercely encouraged to share any efforts they may develop, in order to spread and illuminate the options that may be actionable on by other related communities. This leadership style and understanding by the nominee that the key is held in giving individuals the power to spread and embrace sustainability, are characteristics that can truly serve to progress our green efforts as a whole.

Through this platform, the nominee utilizes the current mode of widespread media sharing, in order to encourage individuals to share their own sustainability efforts or finds around their city, and concurrently, become slightly more mindful of the green practices they run into. Excellent benefits can be achieved through this, not only in the spreading of ideas, but also in the increased awareness of general populations toward what businesses, communities, and they, themselves, may do in order to become more green. The nominee understands that such global issues require global efforts, and that the noted platform may be a building block toward stimulating the collaboration of all populations. 

Many businesses and organizations in DFW have been invited to freely share their sustainability efforts on Ambient Green, as well as attendees of the EarthX Expo. Currently showcased are features from areas of Dallas, Plano, Austin and Houston.

The passion and fortitude of this nominee toward creating positive environmental impact is undeniable. It is clear in the design of the Ambient Green site that there is a spirit of true encouragement toward the sharing of ideas and collaboration by all. There is great potential in such a platform, and I hope it may be achieved with this nominee.