Residents are invited to attend the City of Arlington’s Urban Drilling Educational Forum.

In an effort to increase transparency, the Urban Drilling Educational Forum will provide attendees with information on the roles and responsibilities of the local and state regulating authorities in urban drilling.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to listen to panelists, view presentations and ask questions about the regulation of urban drilling.

Representatives from the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC), the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the City of Arlington (COA) are scheduled to participate.

Does your rain just run off? Divert it, save it, use it!! Come learn the basics and benefits of rainwater harvesting and the effects stormwater has on the environment. Participants will learn how to collect and utilize rainwater at home and have the opportunity to construct their very own 55 gallon rain barrel.

$50 per barrel. Register on website.

Water slower, deeper and more efficient with every drop. Convert your spray heads and watch your sprinkler system save you money from our hands on drip conversion class. You will learn how to install drip irrigation tubing from your faucet or how to convert an existing zone to drip. Drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method and essential to sustainable landscapes. Drip irrigation for foundation watering will also be covered.

Free. Register on website.

Guest speaker Ricky Bradley, the Regional Coordinator, Group Leader and Information Technology Director of the local office of Citizens Climate Lobby.  

The Cross Timbers Sierra Club leadership committee will also have an update on legislative items concerning fracking and other issues, an opportunity to help save sea turtles affected by the 2010 BP Gulf oil spill, and how you can donate recyclable items to Terra Cycle and help raise funds for the group.

Info: Co-chairpersons Brandon Morton at or Harrison Wicks at, or the Communications and Membership Coordinator Brandi Price at

Why buy mulch or compost when you can make it at home?

Composting is the process of recycling nature's organic materials into a rich soil amendment. Participants will learn how to turn their leaves & grass into mulch. They'll also learn how to turn their food scraps into nutrient-rich compost through vermicomposting.

Fee includes 30-page workbook.


Info: Lori De La Cruz,

Want to grow some of your own food?

Come be inspired and learn how you can grow veggies with less labor, less time and in less space in your own backyard!

You will see lots of photos and actual demonstrations on:

How to set up a simple garden box or a Square Foot Garden

No Digging, No Weeding, No Kidding!

Blend the perfect soil mix

When and what to plant for our North Texas area

How to plant and maintain your garden in minutes a day

Vertical gardening to save space

Growing through all 4 seasons in Texas


Info: Lori De La Cruz,

A basic primer to everything you would need to operate your own aquaponic system. Everything from components and basic biology to water chemistry and planting density will be explained clearly. The session includes a hands-on build, where you will construct a system from an IBC Tote. Participants will receive a printed manual.

Instructor: Adam Cohen, founder Green Phoenix Farms. 


Info: Lori De La Cruz,

Dr. Fouad Jaber, PE of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension & Research, will explore the design, installation and benefits of green roof systems and permeable pavement parking lots in the DFW area. The workshop will include a tour of demonstration green roofs as well as four different types of permeable pavement installations. Target audiences include engineers, planners, landscape architects, contractors, stormwater professionals and interested public.


The city is full of food ripe for the picking. Learn how to identify (and legally acquire) more traditional foods like edible fruits, nuts and naturalized vegetables, as well as wild edibles, edible flowers and even edible weeds that are well adapted to our extreme climate and commonly found in North Texas neighborhoods. Bring a hat, a camera and wear your walking shoes. Plant list provided. Free.


Learn about BRIT’s research programs, herbarium, libraries, educational programs and sustainable building. BRIT is green from the ground up; learn how and why as you tour BRIT's amazing LEED platinum home. The Fort Worth Sierra Club will be joining a public tour that is given the first Saturday of each month. Must RSVP before July 1. RSVPs will be closed after that date. Meet at the main entrance. Info: Diane Lancaster, at or 817-845-4139.