Katherine Hayhoe talks climate change and how it affects Texas with Dallas Morning News journalist Anna Kuchment.

Local environmentalists will hold a press conference at 11:45 a.m. prior to the vote.

RSVP : Rita Beving, Public Citizen, 214-557-2271 or [email protected].


Hear about Texas Nameplate Company's transformation from being a water polluter to being a leader in environmental responsibility as shown by its two Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards. Also get a short summary of the November elections.

Free. All welcome.

Refreshments at 6:30 p.m. Meeting starts at 7 p.m.

DIRECTIONS: http://www.dallassierraclub.org/page.htm?generalmeeting

Last week, Arlington City Council voted to approve an ordinance that would require all new apartment complexes to provide recycling. Thanks to public pressure from recycling advocates, city council members also said this was just Phase I and they called for more public input on recycling programs and policies that could apply to all existing apartments.

More than 100,000 Arlington residents live in apartments complexes and most of them do not have access to simple recycling programs for materials like glass, paper, plastics and metals. 

The Tarrant Coalition for Environmental Awareness encourages park advocates to attend the Botanic Garden Task Force Meeting where a fee to the gardens is planned by a Task Force.

Join the Greater Fort Worth Sierra Club to support environmentally friendly candidates in Tarrant County and the surrounding area. Local and statewide candidates will chat about their pro-environment platform.

Scheduled to attend: 

Beverly Powell - candidate TX Senate District 10

Roman McAllen for Railroad Commissioner

This year’s conference, the 30th annual, is a special one, with exceptional speakers, including a number from EPA leadership. The Superconference will cover an array of cutting-edge topics with timely presentations from federal, state and local governmental officials and leading private practitioners.

Monthly gathering of DFW environmental groups and activists to share information on local issues.

Topics to be discusssed:

A) Sat., July 28 -Learn about electric bus field trip 

B) Wed., Aug. 1 - Want to know what Dallas Resiliency Plan is about and some of the environmental projects within in?  Come to this briefing.

C) Wed., Aug. 14 - Council Vote on the Resiliency Plan.

D) Your Announcements/Political Happenings - Susan Cooper and others are welcome to make them for your favorite candidate.

E) A Climate Plan for Dallas?  Come and learn more.

This week, the Botanic Garden Task Force met to talk about fees and options. We cannot rely on just coming together during these meetings to make a difference. If we don’t coordinate and put together an external plan going forward we stand to lose this fight. This external plan does not need to be a way to fund the gardens, this is more of a method for us all to get together to share information.

City Council will vote again on Special Use Permit SUP 08-31R2 to establish a drill zone at Cornerstone. This is a second reading, public hearing on this happened on May 22 with 81 people in opposition, public will not be speaking at this.

Next, on the same night, there will be a public hearing on issuing a Gas Well Permit to Total for the same wells at Cornerstone. Public will be allowed to speak, then there will be a vote.

Rules for public speaking - sign a yellow card in opposition to the gas well permit when you arrive, everyone gets 3 minutes.