Annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, grasses, succulents and more.

This will be a tour of a wonderful native prairie that was discovered a few years ago when a century-plus historic church was undergoing renovation. The prairie forms a third facet of this site with a historic cemetery and chapel that were part of the Frankford settlement in the mid-late 1800s.

This two-hour class will introduce participants to the basic biology of fungi and the critical role this kingdom plays in diverse ecosystems - from the saprobes that recycle organic material, to the mycorrhizal fungi associated with trees, forbs and grasses, and the parasites that kill. We will cover the common life-cycles and the different reproductive strategies including the major features needed to identify the macro-fungi (mushrooms) that we see in the field. We will also review the human uses of mushrooms, from food to dyeing fabric to toxic spill cleanup.

The organisms living in soil are crucial to soil health. In this hands-on class participants will work with microscopes to identify the different types of organisms that live in the soil. This class is a companion to the earlier class "What is the Soil Food Web?" and it is strongly recommended that they be taken together for a more complete understanding of the soil organisms we’ll be discussing and viewing.

Create a lush and vibrant landscape with our favorite “Top 100” native and adapted plants, ideal for your North Texas land­scape. You’ll also learn proper soil prepara­tion, proper planting, how to choose the right plant for the right place as well as tips to keep your plants beautiful and healthy year-round. Free.

Advanced Training

Identification of some common north Texas trees using key developed by Anne Curtin and Rick Murphy. Course covers some basic terminology, use of the key and identification in the field. 

Class presented by the North Texas Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists in conjunction with the Preservation Society for Spring Creek Forest.

Info: David Parrish or Anne Curtin

Presenter is Lucy Harrell of Lucy's Garden services.

The Dallas tree ordinance and neighborhood activism provide the best protection for the incredible trees that help define Oak Cliff. But sometimes our efforts fail or are not enough – as when a developer clear cuts acres of trees with no permit. Consider how you and your neighborhood can help protect and improve our trees and learn the latest on the Dallas tree ordinance. Each household can take home a free tree (sapling size) at the end of evening. Free and open to the public.

Join volunteers who are sprucing up Oakhurst Park for the spring season and the upcoming visit from the Easter Bunny.

Please bring gardening tools. Families welcome. Students and scouts earn community service hours. Refreshments provided by Friends of Oakhurst Park (FOOP)

Free T-shirts (email your sizes to

The most sought-after garden treasure can be challenging to grow in the extreme climate and soils of North Texas. We’ll go into depth, providing tips on how to get the most production out of your tomato plants covering everything from variety selection, proper planting, best irrigation practices to pest and disease control. Free.