Speaker Randy Johnson of Randy Johnson Organics will speak on “Pollinators and Natives: An Ancient Marriage.”  One-sixth of all described species on Earth are angiosperms, the flowering plants. Their co-evolution with pollinators is the most important relationship in the terrestrial environment. These two entities co-evolved with and for each other, their healthy relationship is vital to the structure and maintenance of almost all terrestrial ecosystems. This ancient marriage is threatened... what are the issues and how can we help? This and more are discussed.

Create a lush and vibrant landscape with our favorite “Top 100” native and adapted plants, ideal for your North Texas land­scape. You’ll also learn proper soil prepara­tion, proper planting, how to choose the right plant for the right place as well as tips to keep your plants beautiful and healthy year-round. 


Presented by Dan Caudle, Botanic Research Institute of Texas

The native grassland communities of North Central Texas were historically dominated by tallgrasses along with a diverse community of subdominant midgrasses, shortgrasses and wildflowers in a complex mosaic of vegetation. In recent decades, an alarming amount of native plant communities in our region have been replaced by development, cropland, intensively managed monocultures of introduced grass species, and/or invasive grasses.  

The DIY Sprinkler Expo is a free event to 

Learn the basics of a sprinkler system, easy repairs, new technology and upgrades, landscape recommendations from Master Gardeners, and more.


The Spring Festival will feature; taiko drummers, tea ceremonies, raku pottery, Japanese dancers and martial arts.

$4-$12. Ages 3 and younger/Free

Featuring Texas Superstars®, Texas natives, and Texas adapted plants, we'll have a variety of tough-as-nails perennials, hard-to-find ground covers & herbs, no-fuss roses, and special pass-along plants from the homes of our own Master Gardeners.

Janet D. Smith, Texas Master Naturalist

Info: Donna Ressl, donnarus@usa.net

In this afternoon workshop we will explore the fundamental aspects of becoming a bioregional herbalist: developing relationship with place and the plants within it as we go for a walk through the local landscape where drier upland ridges converge with blackland praries, thick river bottom vegetation, and bits of limestone Hill Country. 


Join us for a one hour presentation given by a team member from the School of Permaculture who will introduce you to the topics outlined below;

- What is Permaculture?

- Rainwater harvesting

- Gray water bed filtration and use

- Suburban food forests

- Composting

- Permaculture Gardening

Please bring a blanket, class will take place outdoor on the lawn.

Lake Forest Farm Market will open at 9 a.m. Come early or stay after to support our farmers and artisans. Local produce and goods will be available for purchase.

Join STEAMgrown Gardens, UNT Sustainability, City of Denton Sustainability and local growers for a special evening during EarthFest at the University of North Texas. Presenting SEED: The Untold Story and a panel discussion to follow with perspectives from local farmers and native seed savers.

$5 suggested donation to STEAMgrown Gardens, a nonprofit seeking to provide Monarch pollinator gardens in Denton Title 1 schools