Presenter: Brie Arthur, author of Foodscape Revolution. $12. 

5 pm cocktails featuring BLK EYE Vodka

6 pm program

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Industrial-scale agriculture is America's number one source of water pollution. Over half of our waterways are contaminated with nitrate from fertilizer, and toxic agricultural run-off has created the largest deadzone in history in The Gulf of Mexico.

Free seminar for Dallas residents wishing to learn about the benefits and uses of compost & Vermicompost, proper soil treatment, the usage of organic material and more.

Seeding Dallas II is an opportunity to dig deep into topics covering a wide range of garden interests and skills. Local experts will share what they've learned growing food, managing gardens and selling at markets in North Texas. 

Event is geared to gardeners,urban farmers, community garden managers, growers who might want to sell, farm/garden supporters and anyone thinking about starting a garden for community invigoration or enhancement.

Three Learning Tracks: Growing a Garden, Community Garden Management and Market Gardening

Beginners will learn all the basics of how to start a herb garden. Our focus will be culinary uses with special emphasis on the herbs to start and use right now, but of course there's much more to herbs: aromatherapy and other uses will be noted, including those that are perfect to bring bees, butterflies, and other pollinators to the garden. More details on event page.

Bring a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage and appetizer/chocolate to share. Parking accessible on Commerce and is free after 6 p.m.

Kimberly D. Olson, Colonel (retired) United States Air Force, has reshaped the perception of women serving their country. Today, she is influencing the future of sustainable food production through her Community Supported Agriculture at the 4K River Ranch in Mineral Wells.

Discover why you should consider vermicomposting, and convert your household waste to soil fertility. Where should you set up worm bins, how to setup and care for worm bins, and how to harvest your finished product will be covered. Learn about the beneficial microbes in living vermicompost and how they restore soil health. Discover how to utilize worm castings as an affordable garden amendment to improve your chances for organic garde and landscaping success. 

"So You Think You Want Bees" is a two-part Fall/Winter class presented by Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association designed to help inform a prospective urban beekeeper about everything they need to know in considering beginning their beekeeping adventure next spring. 

Part 1 (Oct. 9) of this class will cover reasons to want to keep bees, concerns and considerations, time/space/monetary investment, working with neighbors, as well as local and state regulations. 

Discover why you should consider vermicomposting, where you can set up worm bins, how to setup and care for worm bins and how to utilize worm castings as a cheap and easy garden amendment to improve your chances for organic garden and landscaping success. You will get your very own worm bin, complete with worms. Instructor Heather Rinaldi. $50.