Kino Lorber, in partnership with EarthX & Kanopy, brings Anthropocene: The Human Epoch to theaters across the U.S. for a nationwide screening event coinciding with the U.N. Climate Action Summit.

The Game Changers will be screening for one night only at different theaters across the Metroplex. EarthxFilm will have a presence at the Northpark Center theater. 

Use the theater locater on the website link below.

Bring your favorite whole plant-based (no animal products) dish. The Forks Over Knives app and website are full of healthy recipes: 

We will have a casual setup at the library's auditorium. It'll be a great time to socialize and share recipes.

We will begin our movie screening at 1:30 p.m. So stick around to watch A Teachable Moment followed by a discussion panel.

Videos and discussions about large-scale destructive impact of fertilizer run off into US waterways. Presented by Climate Action Team.

Info: Carrie Schweitzer,

Gorgeously filmed documentary by Ben Masters, which follows his trip along the entire 1,200 length of the river along the Texas border.


In his last feature-length film, Unbranded, Ben Masters set out to cross America on wild mustangs in an unforgettable journey across public lands. In his latest film, he sets out with an equally audacious and challenging plan: to navigate 1,200 miles of the border between the USA and Mexico on horses, mountain bikes and canoes.

EarthxFilm kicks off EarthX's 11-day celebration with an ambitious film festival, featuring 17 feature films and 30 shorts along with interactive media.


Renowned photographer James Balog (Chasing Ice) uses his camera to reveal how environmental change is affecting the lives of everyday Americans. Following the four classical elements— air, earth, fire and water— to frame his journey, Balog explores wildfires, hurricanes, sea level rise, coal mining, and the changes in the air we breathe. The Human Element tells an urgent story while giving inspiration for a more balanced relationship between humanity and nature. Please stay for a Q&A session with producer Olivia Ahnemann in attendance after the screening.

Screening of Merchants of Doubt, based on the book by Dr. Naomi Oreskes. Afterwards, there will be a Q&A time and an opportunity to write a letter to your member of Congress for climate action.

BEARTREK is a conservation story wrapped in an adventure. Follow adventurer and renowned biologist Chris Morgan on an epic and entertaining journey to find the world's most elusive and endangered bears. Discover the threats facing them in the wild, meet the dedicated people racing to save them from extinction, and join the campaign to protect bears and their habitat.