Select from over 120 species of organically grown native plants, including ground covers, perennials, shrubs, vines and trees – most below nursery prices.

Native plants make healthy habitats, benefiting birds, butterflies, pollinators and the ecosystem in general.

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There’s a growing trend to incorporate native plants in landscapes not only for their ability to save water, but also for the incredible beauty and the countless ecosystem services they provide! Learn how to grow our favorite native wildflowers, trees, shrubs as well as perennials with lush vibrant colors and textures to make your garden the envy of the neighborhood. Learn about proper soil preparation, proper installation, and provide tips for long term maintenance to keep your native landscape looking its best.

Megan Davis McConnell will speak on identifying monarch butterflies in your garden; creating supportive habitat and restoring prairie; monitoring and reporting your data to Monarch Lab in Minnesota; and rearing wild caterpillars for release.

All are welcome! Meet, greet and snacks at 6 p.m. Chapter meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Info: Vicki Gleason,, 432-770-4694

Learn how to prepare your “nursery” (garden) for the next generation of beautiful butterflies. Learn the basics, including what butterflies will lay eggs on, what the caterpillars need to eat and how to support their parents. This program is designed primarily for adults, and it may not be suitable for children younger than 10 years. Interested youth may attend with an adult.

Free with general admission.

Information session for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. If passed, it would benefit all of us, bringing more than $63 million per year to Texas for at-risk wildlife and habitat conservation, research, nature education and outdoor recreation.

Please join Texas Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to learn more about the need for, and benefits of this bipartisan legislation, specific benefits to the DFW area, 2018 Texas successes, and the many ways you can get involved in the months ahead.

Benefiting TCU's Rhino Initiative. Rhinos are being brutally poached in South Africa at a rate of over three per day. In the last five years we have lost over 5,500 rhinos and the numbers keep climbing. All proceeds from this run will go toward rhino protection, rescue, surgery, and rehabilitation, specifically in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Presenter: Brittani Carter-Durant with Trinity Park Conservancy

Info: Cindy Kearney,

Presenter: Michael Parkey

Info: Cindy Kearney,

Presenter: Heather Rinaldi, Texas Worm Ranch

Info: Cindy Kearney,

Presenter: Carolyn Rozier 

Grandmothers who were avid gardeners introduced Carolyn to gardening where she developed a lifelong passion to grow things. After becoming a Dallas County Master Gardener in 2002, Carolyn became fascinated with insects and received training from Texas A&M AgriLife to become an entomology specialist.