NuWash is an on-demand mobile car wash and detailing service that specializes in rinse-less car washes, a technique that uses a fraction of the water that a normal drive-thru car wash does (less than a gallon versus upwards of 40 gallons). The car wash solution is also eco-friendly, as its derived from plant-based ingredients and due to its low-water needs, there is no water run off to contaminate waterways. We also establish high-density wash routes to limit the amount of driving that our mobile car wash technicians do everyday.

The Green Miyagi Mobile Detailing provides sustainable waterless detailing in Denton, Texas and entire DFW Metroplex.

We build up-cycled, brand new cargo bicycles from donor bicycles we salvage and restore as new products. We re-use parts from the original bicycles, and upgrade and replace others to create a unique build for each order. Check out all of our models at http://oakcliffcargobicycles/models/pricing