An educational, non-profit organization of volunteers trained in horticulture, landscaping, soil improvement & water conservation.

Clean, zero-emissions mowing is at the heart of Clean Air Lawn Care's business model. The business uses clean, rechargeable equipment powered by renewable energy. Vehicles hauling this equipment have mounted solar panels which charge the equipment during the workday. The equipment is clean and quiet; the fertilizer is organic; the business is carbon neutral. In 2010, Clean Air Lawn Care reduced 75,283 pounds of air pollution, equaling over 2 million vehicle miles. Electric lawn mowers emit 3,330 times less hydrocarbons, 5,000 times less CO, and one-fifth as much NOx as gas mowers.

Liquid organic bio-fertilizers and probiotics; 100% natural and non-pathogenic immobilized and stabilized bacterial-enzymatic concentrates that will enhance soil health and fertility, and improve plant growth and quality, and general ecology in the garden.

your one stop shop for eco-friendly, energy efficient and natural products and services. Green Planet Company's focus is to provide top quality hard to find products at great prices. Green Planet Company is a recognized pioneer of taking innovative products and bringing them to the public and businesses for distribution while also offering consulting and installation.

Howard Garrett is a landscape architect by training, with extensive experience in landscape contracting, greenhouse growing, golf course planning and maintenance, and organic product development.

Online supplier of useful, ecofriendly products for lawn and garden. Compost bins, rain barrels, push reel mowers, organic fertilizers and much more.