<p><img class="pull-left" typeof="foaf:Image" src="/sites/default/files/images/mary_ann_headshot.jpg" width="121" height="125" />Offering comprehensive services &amp; products relating to wealth
management, Mary Anne Mayer Redmond, CFP® RFC® , is an independent
advisor whose firm specializes in sustainable/socially responsible
vision &amp; investments. </p>
<p>All Securities through: Money Concepts Capital Corp. 11440 North Jog

Satori is the preferred capital partner for companies that are building significant long-term value through a sustainable approach.

<p><strong>I am committed to assisting clients in obtaining the highest possible return on their investments while honoring their social values and personal goals. I ensure that my client's values and goals drive the financial planning process by building long-term relationships, providing timely and relevant information, and emphasizing straightforward and honest evaluation of clients' financial needs and goals.