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Get rid of energy wasting bad lighting. Install good LED Lighting. Based on energy savings through electricity. If you have a large area with lots of lighting we can save you money and make this earth run better and our resources last longer.

Our Urban Wind Turbine (EOW2) is an energy supplement for homes, offices, cottages, schools, etc that are located in urban or rural environments. EOW2 is vertical axis turbine designed as a supplement to the energy you are pulling off the grid from energy companies. What that means is that you will have to buy less from an energy company and be able to generate power on your own! Wind Turbines use wind to convert kinetic energy into useable mechanical energy. The harvested wind becomes electricity to power your homes.

Window tinting for home or building owners that needs solar control and energy savings

installs custom solar screens

Lumimo, LLC distributes and sells energy efficient lighting products for commercial buildings, such as parking garages, parking lots, office buildings, warehouses and parks.

We offer LED, Induction and Fluorescent technology based products for wide range of applications.

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Energy IQ provides turn-key energy services company dedicated to reducing energy use and facility operating costs through building science consulting and energy performance contracting.

Because we have no vested interest in a particular product or technology, you get customized solution developed to your building's actual needs, not ours.

User-centered design and innovations consultancy dedicated to helping our clients to create compelling consumer relationships through innovative and functional problem solving.

Bumblebee Energy Solutions provides home energy audits and home energy ratings in Dallas - Fort Worth, and surrounding areas in North and Central Texas. Our home energy auditors are Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) certified home energy raters.