Texas Campaign for the Environment  is dedicated to informing and mobilizing Texans to protect the quality of their lives, their health, their communities and the environment. We believe that people have a right to know and a right to act on issues that fundamentally affect their lives and future generations.
TCE is a non-partisan, non-profit citizens' organization that focuses on local and state issues. TCE has organized award-winning campaigns to protect our public health in Texas. Polls consistently show Texans support policies to protect the environment and our quality of life; TCE works to give Texans the opportunity to channel that support into action.

Often times we face opposition from powerful interests that would resist changes that benefit our public health. To fight organized money, we need organized people. Contributions of funds, time and talent provide TCE with the necessary resources to help Texans have a voice in the policy-making process. Each member represents an educated and concerned citizen, so please join TCE.