Texas Master Naturalists aims to develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. Many communities and organizations rely on such citizen volunteers for implementing youth education programs; for operating parks, nature centers, and natural areas; and for providing leadership in local natural resource conservation efforts. In fact, a short supply of dedicated and well-informed volunteers is often cited as a limiting factor for community-based conservation efforts.

Texas Master Naturalists not only get their feet wet and their hands dirty, but while doing so they spend time in a natural setting, learn about different plant and animal species, and maybe even find something new: One member, in fact, discovered a new plant species.

To become a Texas Master Naturalist, each volunteer:

Escape the concrete of the city and hike over 6.5 miles of self-guided or interpreted nature trails that wind though the diverse habitats of our 289-acre wildlife sanctuary, including tall grass prairie, bottomland hardwood and limestone escarpment. Take advantage of the opportunity to encounter many species of birds, insects and animals.  

The Heard offers programs for adults and children, field trips, guided nature trails and animal presentations, night hikes, and more.

Exotic spicy fragrances greet those visiting the Heard native plant garden in spring. As early as mid-February the Red Bay and Agaritas begin to flower sending sweet saffron scents throughout the garden. Buffalo currents begin their six weeks of fragrant flowering the trout lilies slyly emerge from the leaf litter under the live oaks. There is always something new to see, smell and enjoy!

Texas Discovery Gardens' mission is to teach effective ways to restore, conserve and preserve nature in the urban environment, with a focus on gardening organically and sustainably.

Located at historic Fair Park in Dallas, Texas Discovery Gardens is a year-round organic urban oasis filled with natural wonders for visitors of all ages. 

Immerse yourself in tropical butterflies in our brand new Rosine Smith Sammons Butterfly House and Insectarium. Meander down our canopy walkway as you see hundreds of free-flying tropical butterflies and our collection of tropical plants.

Outside, wander through 7.5 acres of organically maintained garden displays that feature native and adapted plants. From spring through fall, you may see all stages of the butterfly's life cycle (egg, caterpillar, pupae and adult) in our native butterfly habitat! Or, stroll through our heirloom rose garden, EarthKeepers veggie garden, picturesque Grand Allee du Meadows, and more..,

Texas Discovery Gardens offers classes and workshops for all ages.

At our fun and friendly monthly gatherings, you will:

  • Get introduced to other eco-conscious people and organizations in your field of interest
  • Meet and have fun with old and new friends
  • Network with a clear focus on living more sustainably 
  • Spark new ideas and turn them into action with the help of others
  • Find innovative ways to meet the challenges of a sustainable future
  • Individuals and businesses can gain understanding and support in making a real difference in the community
  • Win great prizes !!!

All volunteer run annual Earth Day celebration held at Lake Cliff Park in Oak Cliff.   Held on the Sunday before Earth Day.  Our web address is http://www.oakcliffearthday.com.   The mailing address is P. O. Box 5243 Dallas, TX 75208-5243.  You can also check us out on Facebook.


Blackland Prairie Raptor Center is dedicated to environmental preservation through public education and the conservation of birds of prey and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Named after the tallgrass prairie that once covered more than 23,500 square miles of Texas from the Red River to San Antonio, Blackland Prairie Raptor Center is a rehabilitation and conservation education organization, specializing in fostering better public understanding of the relationship between birds of prey and healthy ecosystems.

BPRC is state and federally licensed:
Texas Parks and Wildlife permit #:  EDU-0207-818
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permit #:  MB138982-0

In August, 2004, Blackland Prairie Raptor Center was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization with a small but determined group of individuals and a common goal - to create a place where the people of North Texas could learn, experience and appreciate birds of prey and understand their importance in the environment as a whole.

Welcome to the Nature Center!

The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge (FWNC&R) is a hidden jewel-a wilderness comprised of forests, prairies, and wetlands reminiscent of how much of the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex once looked. Replete with native flora and fauna, the FWNC&R beckons to those searching for a tranquil piece of nature.
At 3,621 acres, the FWNC&R is one of the largest city-owned nature centers in the United States. Over 20 miles of hiking trails provide easy access to a myriad of natural wonders to be found on the refuge. The FWNC&R offers a variety of education programs and hikes for individuals, schools and families. The staff is also heavily involved in Land Management techniques to ensure that the natural history of North Central Texas is preserved.    

The Trinity River Audubon Center is the flagship Center for Audubon’s education and conservation initiatives in Texas. Education programs address the need for students to improve and strengthen their science and critical thinking skills while aligning with the TEKS state-mandated curriculum. The Center, designed by architect Antoine Predock, 2006 AIA Gold Medalist, provides direct access to a myriad of opportunities for the citizens of Dallas: nature viewing, hiking, picnicking. In the Dallas Trails Master Plan, the numerous citywide trail systems are designed to connect to the Trinity River Audubon Center, providing a premier trail destination location. Once this happens, individuals and families from all over the Metroplex may ride, blade, run, or walk to the Center.

Memnosyne Foundation is the sponsoring organization of GreenSourceDFW.org