Because of our concern about the health of our planet, as well as heeding the message of all the world’s great religions that God’s/ the Ultimate’s work of redemption includes the honoring, protecting, and healing of creation, members of faith communities throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area have come together to form the Interfaith Environmental Alliance (IEA). The goals of IEA are: 

Public Citizen Texas is an office of progressive advocates who research and recommend policy that will lower electric bills, increase clean and renewable sources of energy, and combat greenhouse gas emissions which are responsible for global climate change.  We have professionals working to encourage city and state incentives for energy efficiency (the only negative-cost energy source), to create incentives and mandates for more renewable energy, and to stop newly proposed coal and nuclear plants which pose major health and environmental risks and are likely to cost consumers more than cleaner greener alternatives. 

The Trinity River Audubon Center is the flagship Center for Audubon’s education and conservation initiatives in Texas. Education programs address the need for students to improve and strengthen their science and critical thinking skills while aligning with the TEKS state-mandated curriculum. The Center, designed by architect Antoine Predock, 2006 AIA Gold Medalist, provides direct access to a myriad of opportunities for the citizens of Dallas: nature viewing, hiking, picnicking. In the Dallas Trails Master Plan, the numerous citywide trail systems are designed to connect to the Trinity River Audubon Center, providing a premier trail destination location. Once this happens, individuals and families from all over the Metroplex may ride, blade, run, or walk to the Center. creates an online space where you can post your profile, participate in online discussion, and then meet with people in person to participate in weekly or monthly groups events. (Interests range from outdoor  enthusiasts to fiction writers to movie goers to political affiliations to musicians… and more.) Just go to and run a search with your zip code to find out more.

There are quite a few green Meetup groups that meet regularly in the DFW metroplex. 

The Dallas Sierra Club is a regional group of the Sierra Club, which is America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. The group is organized through volunteer leaders. It is active in local Conservation issues and also offers backpacking/hiking outings.

Additionally, there is the highly successful Inner City Outings program for introducing disadvantaged children to the wilderness.

General meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month and feature a variety of speakers.