City of Plano's Sustainability & Environmental Services Department.

River Legacy Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, began in 1988 as a unique public/private partnership with the City of Arlington. Our mission is to preserve and enhance the parkland along the Trinity River as an extraordinary educational, recreational and natural resource.

River Legacy Parks opened as a public park in 1990 with just 376 acres. Thanks to the Foundation’s donors and partnerships, the park has grown to become a 1,300-acre oasis along the Trinity River.

The Foundation founders knew from the start that an educational facility was necessary to ensure future stewards of the parkland. Thus, in 1996,River Legacy Living Science Center opened to the public.  The nature center features interactive exhibits, aquariums, terrariums, environmental education programs, a gift shop and nature trails.

Our goal is not just a sustainable, nutritious, abundant food supply, but also thriving ecosystems that support a diversity of life. In the next century,NRCS will not only continue to tackle familiar challenges like ensuring clean water and healthy soil, but will also rise to meet new issues, such as clean air, clean energy, climate change, and new technology.

- Chief Dave White

Originally established by Congress in 1935 as the Soil Conservation Service (SCS), NRCS has expanded to become a conservation leader for all natural resources, ensuring private lands are conserved, restored, and more resilient to environmental challenges, like climate change.

Texas AgriLife Extension Service offers practical, how-to education based on university research. It’s available to any resident of Texas. You may read it in the newspaper, hear it on the radio, attend an Extension workshop, order a publication, or just call your county Extension office!

The AgriLife Center in Dallas is a gateway to science and public outreach for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Working through two Texas A&M System agencies - Texas AgriLife Research and Texas AgriLife Extension Service - the Center produces science-based research, technologies and educational programs to help urban clientele manage and conserve natural resources.

Research and education programs at the AgriLife Center at Dallas resolve issues that include the biology, management, utility, adaptability, genetic improvement and pest problems of plants used in Texas landscapes; water conservation and management; energy conservation; and issues related to the diverse green industry.

TREIA represents over 500 member
companies, organizations, agencies and individuals providing products,
services and information in the areas of solar electric generation,
solar hot water, large and small-scale wind electric generation, biomass
electric generation and liquid renewable fuels, geothermal heating and
cooling, geothermal electric generation, and sustainable (green)
building design and construction.

Solar + Wind + Biomass + Geothermal + Hydrokinetic

TCE is dedicated to informing and mobilizing Texans to protect the
quality of their lives, their health, their communities and the
environment. We believe that people have a right to know and a right to
act on issues that fundamentally affect their lives and future

TCE is a non-partisan, non-profit citizens' organization that focuses on local and state issues. TCE has organized award-winning
campaigns to protect our public health in Texas. Polls consistently
show Texans support policies to protect the environment and our quality
of life; TCE works to give Texans the opportunity to channel that
support into action.

Oftentimes we face opposition from
powerful interests that would resist changes that benefit our public
health. To fight organized money, we need organized people.
Contributions of funds, time and talent provide TCE with the necessary
resources to help Texans have a voice in the policy-making process. Each
member represents an educated and concerned citizen, so please join TCE.

Water—with the turn of a handle, you get as much as you want,
whenever you want it. So it’s easy to forget that water is a carefully
prepared product that has to be purchased like any other product. And
whether it’s used or wasted, you pay for every drop of water that flows
through your meter.

While you can’t control the amount of water you truly need—you can
control the amount of water you waste. And there are many ways to reduce
water waste if you are willing to make a few simple changes in your

Using the tips on this website, you’ll help conserve a valuable resource that shouldn’t be wasted, and you’ll save money too.

The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals
and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth
by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

Our vision is to leave a sustainable world for future generations. 

Today’s society faces unprecedented challenges. Dwindling natural resources, declining economies, a rapidly changing climate and other threats require that all of us begin working together to reach common solutions. 

More than ever before, we must find innovative ways to ensure that nature can continue to provide the food, clean water, energy and other services our growing population depends upon for survival. 

is a time of opportunity. A time to move conservation from the
sidelines of global priorities to the center of the world stage—because
human wellbeing depends on a healthy, diverse environment.

408-member organization that is active in most aspects of bicycling.


-Experience the adventure of cycling


-To promote bicycling as a lifetime activity that encourages
good health, wellness, friendship, skill and personal accomplishment

-To work together as a club to have a greater impact on bicycle safety and the community we live in

-To provide education to enable bicyclists and motorists to share the road safely


-Bicycling as an activity that promotes wellness, health, friendship, recreation and transportation

-Legal and courteous operation of our bicycles

-Bicycle safety and education and community service

-Individual and team participation and achievement

-Nurturing and respecting one another's abilities

-Knowledgeable, skillful riding

Blog focusing on "sensible mainstream advocacy for recreation and transportation bicycling."