Nov 2 2022

Arlington Conservation Council: The Moon in All Its Splendor - Online

Nov 2 2022 - 7:00pm
Online TX

Lifelong Texan Amy Martin, aka the Moonlady, will share her deep knowledge of the moon, honed since her childhood when it gave her hope in difficult times. She has traveled across the continent just to experience its "exceptional moments in special places." And, yes, she enjoys a good howl. She promises an astronomical and anthropological, yet poetic, image-filled talk — and that you'll be a pro-level moon watcher when she's through.

A journalist and writer for over 40 years, she is the author of Wild DFW: Explore the Amazing Nature Around Dallas-Fort Worth (Timber Press, winter ’23) and Itchy Business: How to Treat the Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Rash. She is a senior features writer for GreenSource DFW and social media director for the Native Prairies Association of Texas. She was contributing editor and "Dear Garbage" columnist for the national magazine Garbage (recycling and features) and has written on recycling for The Dallas Morning News.