Feb 11 2021

Dallas ISD: Environmental & Sustainability Community Meetings - Zoom

Feb 9 2021 - 5:30pm to Feb 11 2021 - 6:30pm
Zoom TX

In February of 2020, Dallas ISD passed an Environment and Climate Action Resolution.

Since then, a team of volunteers appointed by the board of trustees has developed goals, policies, and ideas to help act on this resolution. We would like your feedback before the ideas go to the board of trustees.



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Fort Worth Audubon Society: Hawk Migration - Zoom

Feb 11 2021 - 7:00pm
Zoom TX

Presenter:  Jesse Watson from HawkWatch International

Jesse’s interest in raptors began as soon as he was able to hike in the field with his dad, the state raptor biologist in Washington. Throughout his childhood, Jesse worked on various raptor research projects, including annual visits to the Chelan Ridge Hawk Watch, which led to his desire to pursue a degree in Wildlife Ecology at Washington State University. During summers while working towards his BS, Jesse was a biological technician for the USFS in the Thunder Basin National Grassland of eastern Wyoming, where he monitored the raptor populations and fought wildfires among other duties. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree, he worked as a biologist on wind power and other industrial development projects in Oregon and Washington.  He then returned to school in Edmonton, Alberta at the University of Alberta to pursue his Master’s in Ecology, studying the effects of industrial development on the movement behavior of Ferruginous Hawks, a species that is federally threatened in Canada.

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