Net metering discussion draws good-sized crowd

Over 80 people turned out at the Trinity River Audubon Center this month on a sunny Saturday afternoon to learn about net metering. The event was sponsored by the Texas Solar Energy Society and the North Texas Renewable Energy Group.

Hundreds turn out to support EPA

Hundreds of people from across the state showed up in Dallas on Friday (January 14th) to participate in the EPA's Greenhouse Gas Public Hearing to support EPA's enforcement of the Clean Air Act in Texas.

And why? Because Texas residents cannot get help from their own state agency, Texas Commission on Environment Quality (TCEQ), to safeguard their basic rights to clean air.

Eleven ways for energy efficiency at the stove

Do you know that just by changing a few old habits, you can reduce how often you use your stove? Here are some great tips!

Reusable grocery bags

Paper or Plastic? used to be the question at the supermarket. But unless you've been in a coma for the past few years, the answer is steadily becoming neither as more people are moving to reusable grocery bags. 

And what's wrong with the plastic bag? Well, first, it's made of petroleum, a non-renewable natural resource. If we have a resource that of limited supply and we're depending on that resource for transportation and growing food, why squander on making bags to carry our groceries. And the option of paper bags carries even heavier consequences. 

Tom "Smitty" Smith Public Citizen

Smitty has served as state director of Public Citizen since 1985 and serves on the boards of Clean Water Action, the Texas Wind Power Coalition, Texans for Public Justice, Campaigns for People, the Clean Energy Project of CEERT, a nature preserve, and a solar energy company.   He has recently received the Thomas Paine award from Campaigns for People, 2001 Austin Chronicle's critics choice award for "Best People's Lobbyist" as well as an U.S.

Nov. 23, 2010

How you would you like to get a box of fresh local food each week, and at the same time, support a local farmer? Well, that is what Community Supported Agriculture is all about--and there are several CSA farms right here In North Texas!

Clean Air Meetup October 27

"Clean Air Meetup" was held at Picasso's on October 27th 2010. The Group of 24 people heard from Smitty from Public Citizen and Jim Schermbeck from Downwinders at Risk.  Both  spoke about past progress, challenges and the upcoming legislative session.