Kim Barney - Controlling Pests the Green Way

The winner of our 2011 green photo contest is Kim Barney. If you haven't already seen there was a slew of amazing entries.The contest was all about providing a forum for sharing what 'green' means to you. Kim's photo, of a praying mantis climbing up the stalk of a plant, represents green in her eyes.

Kim writes that "For the past four years I have been purchasing praying mantis eggs to keep pests out of my perennial and vegetable gardens.  Every Spring, my 7-year-old son Gavin and I tie the eggs to various plants and bushes around our yard. Within three to four weeks the eggs will hatch and we get hundreds of tiny praying mantis. Usually a couple of them will stick around and live for weeks on the same plants. This year we had six of them living in our lavender.  They blend in really well. I took the picture I entered in July of this year.  They are really amazing bugs to watch, like little aliens, as my son calls them. It is good to know that I do not have to use any chemicals or pesticides to keep my plants healthy each year.  It's one way I can help the earth by being green.  Here's another photo of my son with a praying mantis.  They are excellent bugs to keep around the garden! Thanks so much for allowing me to share my story!"