A row of wind sculptures, modeled after tulips, are part of exhibit by Lyman Whitaker at the Dallas Arboretum. Photos courtesy of the Dallas Arboretum.

April 25, 2018

An artist who gets his inspiration from plants and wind power recently opened a whimsical outdoor exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum

Wind Sculptures in Motion features 122 of Lyman Whitaker’s copper wind sculptures through Aug. 31. 

“Whitaker is the most recognized creator of kinetic art in the world and takes his inspiration from nature, thus his copper wind sculptures will be a mesmerizing juxtaposition with the natural backdrop of the Dallas Arboretum,” said J. Mark Wolf, Dallas Arboretum board chairman. 

WS Lyman Whitaker Interview

Watch Lyman Whitaker talk about his work. 

Whitaker, a Utah native, has a bachelor’s of fine arts in sculpture from the University of Utah. A practicing sculptor for more than 50 year, his primary focus since the mid-1980s has been on wind sculptures. 

Concerned about the sustainability of our culture’s present systems, Whitaker said his artwork symbolizes a move toward better solutions in our relationship with the environment.  

Lyman Whitaker wind sculpture“I care deeply about our ecosystem and the world’s societal impact on it,” said Whitaker. “As an artist, I can express my concern on the survival of our planet through a creative medium. “ 

Each piece is organic in nature and responds to the changing current of wind. To facilitate the mechanical aspects of his work, Lyman Whitaker works in partnership with his brother, John Whitaker, who has a background in construction, engineering and computers. 

The sculptures range in height from 5 to 27 feet and are arranged artfully in groupings throughout the garden.  

“Gardens are a perfect venue for my pieces. Since they are a derivative of plant forms, they feel at home among the plants.” said Whitaker. “They offer a comforting release from our fast-paced lives with their calm serenity and playfulness.”


Lyman Whitaker wind sculptureWind Sculptures in Motion: The Kinetic Art of Lyman Whitaker

About: Installation of 122 of copper wind sculptures by Utah-based artist Lyman Whitaker

Where: the Dallas Arboretum 

When: April 15 – Aug. 31. Special events.  


Fleur-de-Lis by Lyman Whitaker. 

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