Attendees to the Green Source DFW Run for the Environment May 21 at Bachman Lake Park can bring their old shoes to be recycled. Green Source DFW will be paid by the pound for the shoes by National Recycling Solutions. 

May 7, 2016

Commodity Recycling SolutionsGo through your closet and gather up your old shoes – you'll have the opportunity to recycle them at the Green Source DFW Run for the Environment on May 21 at Bachman Lake Park in Dallas. Not only will you be keeping your shoes out of the landfill, but you'll be supporting Green Source DFW, which will be paid for every pound of shoes donated.

Run sponsor Commodity Recycling Solutions is the Fort Worth-based company collecting the shoes. They will hand them off to Dallas-based National Recycling Solutions, the downstream recycler. According to Joan Meeks, founder of Commodity Recycling Solutions, any type of footwear will be accepted, not just athletic shoes. The only shoes not excepted are shoes with metal cleats.


What will happen to the shoes? 

"There's an opportunity to do a few things with them before they go into the landfill," said Meeks.

The shoes in the best condition will be resold by National Recycling Solutions at their retail resale store, Thrift Giant, which has locations in Dallas, Irving and Denton.

Other shoes will be sold to the free market.

"The free market is basically people from less fortunate countries who buy them dirt cheap," said Meeks. "If you don't have shoes at all, in some places, a beat-up shoe with a hole is better than walking barefoot."

The rest of the shoes will be stripped of their rubber soles, which will be ground up and made into other commodities such as playground services. Metals on the shoes can also be recycled.

So drop off your shoes at the run. Or if you are not able to attend, you can drop shoes for the Green Source DFW shoe drive anytime through May 21 at Commodity Recycling Solutions, 5043 Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway (287) in Fort Worth. Attach a note saying they are for Green Source DFW. 

CRS will also be collecting electronics for recycling

For questions about the shoe drive, contact Meeks at or 817-300-6958.

For more information on the run, visit the website.


Green Source DFW Run for the Environment Recycling Event

When: May 21, 2016, 9am-noon, during the Run for the Environment.

Where: Bachman Lake Park, Dallas

What: Shoe recycling – Donations worn, torn and beat-up shoes will be accepted. Please tie or rubber band shoes together before donating. A shoe recycling receptacle will be at the event.

Electronics recycling – NO leaded glass items TVs or CRTs.  Accepted items include computers, laptops, cell phones, chargers, wiring, cabling, VHS/DVD/CD players, games, gaming controllers, all items which operate via an electrical current.  

Info: Contact Joan Meeks at 817-300-6958 or

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