World Wear Project of Dallas is one of the companies that will be featured at the third annual Degrees of Recycling Conference hosted by UTA and NTCRA on May 18. Courtesy of World Wear Project.

May 17, 2017

Recycling success stories will be showcased tomorrow at the annual Degrees of Recycling conference. The event is a collaboration of the University of Texas at Arlington's Institute for Sustainability and Global Impact and the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association.

Lora Hinchcliff, the president of NTCRA, said the forum is a way to promote recycling and the use of recycled goods to area businesses, which is the mission of NTCRA.

“The Degrees of Recycling forum is a great opportunity to share best industry practices on recycling with a wider audience,” she said. “Hosting the event in partnership with ISGI allows them to also share their mission with a wider audience. We also want to encourage meeting of recycling professionals to provide a platform for networking.”  

Overall, the event is geared toward recycling and sustainability professionals, business, local and regional agencies, nonprofits and individuals with an interest in learning more about the recycling trends and legislation. 

The speakers will include Roger Bowman, sustainability manager from Georgia-based Gulfstream Aeronautics; Eileen Birnbaum, founder of Dallas-based World Wear Project; and Tim Haugh, owner of Fort Worth-based Evergreen Companies, Inc.

This year’s event speakers will be discussing a variety of topics. Bowman of Gulfstream Aerospace will discuss how he advances programs to reduce environmental impact and footprint and improve energy efficiency in his role as sustainability manager. 

“His presentation will touch on recycling at Gulfstream, but also how the company is moving beyond recycling into changing and improving its business processes by linking sustainability with the company’s continuous improvement culture,” Hinchcliff explained.

Birnbaum is dedicated to keeping textile discards out of the waste stream. She will provide a circular view of the textile recycling industry, and World Wear Project’s contributions to the North Texas region.

“Clothing and household textiles currently make up 5.2 percent of the waste stream. Only 15 percent of those materials are being diverted from landfills,” Hinchcliff said.

Haugh will then discuss the local commercial recycler’s role within the regional materials management system. 

“That presentation also will explore waste diversion options for low value, troublesome feedstocks such as paper rejects,” Hinchcliff added.

Hinchcliff said the NTCRA membership is full of businesses, nonprofits and private individuals all working to implement new ideas and best practices across North Texas. 

“There is just as much diversity in practices as there are in waste streams,” she said. 

Degrees of Recycling

About: Luncheon and conference highlighting the best practices and programs that are working to increase recycling here in North Texas.

Hosted by: The Institute for Sustainability and Global Impact at the University of Texas at Arlington and the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association

Cost: $25. $15 for NTCRA member


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