Recycle and Repurpose artist Angela Mosera

By Rita Cook

For 35-year-old Dallas recycle artist Angela Mosera the art she creates from antique broken watches and a medley of other recycled items is her way to give back.  Retooling the watch pieces into necklaces, earrings and even cuff-links, she also makes wine charm sets out of scrabble pieces and purses out of old wooden boxes.

“For the watches I acquired some items from a watch repair shop that was going out of business,” she explains as to how she began utilizing the watch pieces into her art. “The mechanisms of antique watches are really beautiful. The craftsmanship and pride that went into that work is unbelievable - you really don't see anything like it anymore. The pieces were all so unique and wonderful that I just started re-purposing them and creating.”  With the watch gears and random small pieces Mosera began making small mosaics on boxes. With the pieces left over she made her first necklaces. “The watch pieces opened the door to so many other wonderful items,” she explains. “I re-purpose and recycle all kinds of things now - antique skeleton keys, old locks, vintage printing blocks, tobacco tags, game pieces and reclaimed wood.”

Mosera says she also tries to keep everything in its original shape and form - especially the watch pieces and she refuses to drill through or alter any piece unless she absolutely has to in order to use it.  “There was a designer in Texas during the 50s that made wooden box purses. I started collecting hers and it gave me the idea to bring them back with a modern feel,” she says.
As for upcoming projects, she has begun to incorporate more earrings and bracelets into her jewelry collection.  She says she also has a lot of men ask for various items that they can wear so she is beginning to build a line for men too.  “I think it's the history of the item arranged in a new and different way that sets me apart” Mosera says.

 “There are so many wonderful materials to recycle and use in art,” Mosera concludes. “Things that have been used in the past for a totally different function are the best pieces to use in any art form. They have a history, they are unique and each piece tells a story.”   You can visit Mosera’s website at

Rita Cook      [email protected]