Photo by Linda Cooke

May 31, 2015

The Dallas Green Alliance, a grassroots political action committee formed to elect green City Council candidates, hosted a fundraiser on May 28 at the Stoneleigh P in Dallas.

Cherelle Blazer, president of the Dallas Green Alliance:  "The Dallas Green Alliance has been extremely effective in making the Trinity Toll Road the issue in these local elections. A green progressive grassroots organization is important on the Dallas political scene because it creates a platform for ordinary concerned citizens to inject their ideas. This has been the wildest rollercoaster ride of a political experiment but well worth it. I am thankful for all the support we have gotten and deeply encouraged that we, the green community, are on the right track. There is plenty of work yet to be done!"

Photos by Phillip Shinoda.

Left, James White and Adam McGough          Right, Angela Hunt and Adam McGoughGreen

Alliance candidate James White endorsed Adam McGough:  "Adam's support for withdrawing from federal consideration the Trinity Toll Road plan known as 3C, make me confident that he is the best candidate to represent District 10 at City Hall. I proudly endorse Adam McGough.”


                    Left, Joe Tave District  2                                      Right, Dianne Gibson District 8 

                Left,  Cherelle Blazer-Higgins and Winnie Cannon
  Right  Attendee and Rick Adamski
      Left, Brandon Morto , Carrie Schweitzer and David Griggs
   Right,  Claudia Myers, Brandon Pollard and Becky Rader 

                      Left, Philip Kingston,  Laura Smith and Jesse Smith 
                      Right,  Vijay Barnabas  and Anna Albers 

                             Linda Cooke, Molly Rooke and Mike Seay


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