Open Letter from Rita Beving 
Alliance for a Clean Texas

Dear Friends who care about the environment,    

Chairman Drew Darby's (R-San Angelo) bill [HB 40] is the worst and most threatening local control bill as it simply says that the state/its agencies trumps all local on ordinances, bans on ANYthing that affects oil & gas activity. The city of Denton attorneys told Sharon Wilson of Earthworks and I the other week is this is the bill they and other municipalities fear most.

HB 40 - The other reasons the bill is so threatening is: A) Darby is Chair of Energy Resources and chairs get deference.  B) The bill has many co-authors. C) Its companion bill in the Senate is by another Committee Chair, Troy Fraser in Natural Resources and Economic Development.  This is a very bad sign that this bill could sail quickly through the system.

HB 539 - Rep. Phil King's (R-Weatherford) bill is a "paralysis by analysis" bill where a city/county/or other political subdivision would have to provide a five-year analysis of lost revenue to the state in revenue, taxes, royalty income, etc. No city would want to expend this kind of money to pass an ordinance.
We could use your calls and if you can come testify this Monday. We can give you more details in the upcoming alert or the Sunday evening call.

The hearing is in E2.010 at 2pm or upon adjournment - I would get there early in the day so you can monitor when adjournment is and visit legislators. If you want a ride, contact Sharon Wilson or Dick Guldi at above. If you can drive a carload of people down, contact Rita at the email above or call me at 214-557-2271.

MESSAGE:  Tell them cities and counties have the right to define what is safe and reasonable for their communities. Local control isn't a partisan value, it's a Texas value.

Email or call these Energy Resource Committee members:
Chair - Drew Darby - 512.463.0331 or

Vice Chair Chris Paddie  - 512.463.0556 or
Terry Canales - 512.463.0426 or terry.canales@house
 also want to invite you to join a conference call every Sunday at 7 pm that I will facilitate to hear about where critical bills are in the process and to learn about details about various bills to be heard in Committee in the following week or those coming up for vote. These calls are conducted by the Alliance for Clean Texas or ACT, a coalition of more than 12 environmental, policy and faith-based organizations.
            The toll free call-in number for the Sunday call at 7 pm is 866-501-6174.
            Follow the prompts.  The code for the call is 31790031892#
We hope you will join us in working to keep Texas clean, healthy and safe for democracy!  If you have friends who would like to sign up for these alerts and calls, direct them to the ACT website at 
Rita Beving,
ACT coordinator, 214-557-2271
Clean Water Action Outreach Coordinator