Ask your legislator to protect Texas trees and stop the hijack of HB 7. .

Aug. 8, 2017

We at Texas Campaign for the Environment learned today of a plan to hijack compromise legislation already passed by the House HB 7 to open the door to clearcutting. HB 7 was negotiated among tree advocates and developer lobbyists to provide breaks on local tree removal fees when developers plant new trees. The Texas Senate is set to consider this bill this week, but they have altered the legislation to fill it with loopholes that will allow for clearcutting of Texas trees.

Call 512-572-4153 right now and tell your legislator to protect Texas trees and stop the hijack of HB 7. And if you haven't signed the TCE petition to lawmakers you can sign it here after you call your state rep.

Some specific concerns you could raise when you call about the proposed changes to HB 7:

    •    HB 7 would be changed dramatically from the bill passed by the House 2 weeks ago.

    •    The bill would bar communities from requiring developers to plant enough trees to make up for the cutting they've done. They could remove a huge heritage tree and replace it with just a sapling.

    •    It would set a very low limit on tree removal fees. A developer might only have to pay $260 to remove a centuries old tree worth tens of thousands of dollars.

    •    The amendments would allow for clearcutting of all trees under two feet in diameter, including numerous heritage trees from many species.

    •    I oppose preempting all local tree protections in cities "extraterritorial jurisdiction," the areas on the edge of town where developers are building the most.

Legislators need to hear from you now: Defend Texas Trees, don't let them hijack HB 7!

(Update Aug. 9, 2017: HB 7 passed in committee on Tuesday, 5-4. Sources say it could come to a final vote Thursday.​)

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