Cooperative, Green Living: Coming to DFW!

Wouldn't it be nice if....?

A 1700-mile Keystone XLpipeline is due here in Texas in 2012.

Rep Stefani Carter votes for drilling-favorable bill

If you have not been following what has been happening across the Barnett Shale area of our metroplex, you may not know that drilling companies have been suing town and cities across this area--trying to intimidate them to approve drilling permits.

To counter this, Representative Lon Burnham introduced a bill (HB 3792) that would give cities the right to deny drilling and pipeline permits. His bill was only one person short of getting passed through the committee.

April 28, 2011

TV legend and solar-energy advocate Larry Hagman brought star power to Dallas’ inaugural Earth Day celebration.

April 25, 2011

Local organizers turned out at Dallas Earth Day to bring attention to issues affecting our air and water. They urged everyone to take these steps:

North Texas Goes Green for Earth Day

There were many Earth Celebrations around the DFW metroplex these past two weeks, and unlike previous years, all of the events somehow managed to escape rainfall.

Some of these celebrations have been highly successful for the past few years including Plano's Live Green Expo and Oak Cliff Earth Day.

Now in its fifth year, Plano's Live Green Expo featured a wide range of exhibitors, and included rain barrel workshops, square-foot gardening, electric/hybrid cars, and more.

Electric vehicles are coming to North Texas. If Dallas is to successfully leverage this technology into a system for sustainable transportation, collaboration will be critical.

Getting a new garden hose for Summer?

Many of us use hoses to water our gardens, fill our dogs’ water bowls, and fill pools. And in summer months, kids playing outdoor will often drink from the hose. What you may not know is that many hoses are made of polyvinyl chloride, which uses lead as a stabilizer. A 2007 Consumer Reports Study tested 16 hoses:

In May of 2009, students at Fort Worth Country Day met with Upper School science teacher Perri Carr to discuss applying for a Texas Healthy Habitat Grant. The grant money is funded by EnCana Oil and Gas (U.S.A. Inc.), North America’s largest natural gas producer, and distributed by Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation.

Dallas Greendrinks and Net Impact are planning another Carrotmob. This time they are coming together under the green umbrella of Earth Day Dallas to once again bring people together to ‘mob’ a local Dallas business.  Carrotmob will reward an environmentally and socially responsible business with a mob of new customers.

State Parks face cuts in funding

On Wednesday, March 23rd, the House Appropriations Committee voted 18-7 in favor of a
state budget that would make major cuts to our state parks system. This budget
could force the closure of at least seven state parks, drastically reduce

Saving energy with the laundry

Ninety percent of the energy used to wash clothes comes from heating the water. However, you can reduce demand on the hot water heater by washing most clothing in cold water. You will also see less color fading with the clothes. Use hot water for whites, towels, and sheets. Washing sheets in hot water is especially important for killing dust mites. But even with the warmer loads, consider using the hot cycle initially and then using cold water in the rinse cycle. Hot water more effective at killing germs.