By Jada Brazell     

Those Halcyon days of summer are upon us again. All this week, we're counting down some of the ways to kick it green this summer. These are green businesses and attraction in Dallas that can keep you or (where appropriate) the family entertained all while respecting the environment. It's green and it's fun. Leave your suggestions in comments or on facebook.

A visit to The Dallas World Aquarium entertains and offers support for the conservation efforts to save several endangered species, including river otters, monkeys and Antillean manatees. Working with local and international communities, the organization aims to educate society on the Earth’s fragile ecosystems and the interdependence that exists within each. The Dallas World Aquarium works with governments and organizations around the world on the conservation projects.

As a result, visitors to the aquarium reap the benefits of observing creatures they might never see otherwise, from sloths to manatees. The aquarium has recreated ecosystems friendly to such creatures, leading visitors through a wonderland of beautiful territories. The rainforest is home to exotic birds and sloths. The “ocean” puts sea creatures on display, like jellyfish, sea dragons and Japanese crabs. Penguins splash about in the South Africa exhibit, while the Mundo Maya cenote harbors sharks, rays and sawfish. Reptiles and amphibians have a home at the aquarium as well, making this hot spot a diverse hangout for all kinds of animals – including humans. Not only is The Dallas World Aquarium a wonderful way to contribute to preserving endangered and threatened creatures, it is an exciting adventure that allows visitors to cool off on hot summer days.

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Jada Brazell is a freelance writer who also consults for fashion- and art-based businesses on branding. She has written for the Odessa American and Global Fashion News, edited for the Texas Senate and RadioShack, and contributed to several magazines and newspapers in Central and South Texas.