By Brandolon Barnett  

What does "green" mean to you? From the opportunity for children to enjoy nature to the beauty of the smallest things around us, people who care about the environment are answering the question with entries in the 2011 Green Photo Contest by Green Source DFW. You have until the 30th to submit your entry through our Facebook page


The beauty of the sunflower, a wild stallion standing before mountains in a field of green, a child playing in the dirt, a caterpillar climbing slowly along a leaf. These are just a few of the entries in our 2011 Green Photo Contest hosted on our Facebook page. The prize is the new ipad touch, at over $300 in value it can function as an HD camcorder like the "flip", a still camera, a wifi explorer, and of course an mp3 player. But it's not about the prize. It's about the opportunity to see how differently people around DFW and the world think of the idea of "green".

The entries so far make clear that green means a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For some it's a matter of our youth and our future, while for others it's gardening or the imminent need to clean up our trash. As a forum for Green issues in the DFW area, sharing this perspective is valuable for Green Source DFW. If you got a spare moment stop by and share your perspective by entering the contest or voting when the voting begins on the 30th. While you're there take a moment to "like" our page and join in on the conversation!

Enter at: 
Green Source DFW's Contests Page on Facebook