Frisco residents concerned about lead pollution

A TCEQ public meeting in Frisco this month drew more than 60 people to discuss lead pollution coming from a battery recyling plant operated by Exide Technologies, inc. The 46-year-old plant is the only battery recycling plant in Texas.

There are 16 areas nationwide that do not meet the new federal air quality standards for lead and the Exide plant is in one of those areas. In 2009, the plant released 1.67 tons of lead. Increases in lead in the body is toxic to organs and tissues and can interfere with reproductive and nervous systems. In children, it can potentially cause permanent learning and behavior disorders.

Exide will be working with TCEQ on developing a state implementation plan (SIP) to reduce pollution. The official agency version of the SIP is due to the EPA by June 2012.

If you are concerned about increased levels of lead in the area of the Exide plant, you can send comments to TCEQ. TCEQ will be accepting comments from the public until Feb. 9. To submit informal comments, e-mail [email protected] and include “Lead Stakeholder Comment” in the subject line. Informal comments may also be mailed to: TCEQ, Attn: Holly Brightwell, P.O. Box 13087, MC-206, Austin, Texas 78711-3087.