Residents can provide feedback via a brief survey until the end of February.​ Photo by Julie Thibodeaux.

Jan. 13, 2022

The city of Fort Worth announced last spring that it's partnering with the Texas Trees Foundation to create the city's first Urban Forest Master Plan. Now they're seeking public input.

The city follows Dallas, which unveiled its urban forest master plan last year.

The Urban Forest Master Plan will evaluate current urban forest resources and city policies and ordinances relative to the urban forest. It will provide tools for urban forest managers to preserve, care for and grow the city’s forest resources more effectively and will include methods to measure progress.

Goals for the plan

• Identify priority planting and preservation areas.

• Identify strategic partners interested in investing in urban forest growth.

• Creating a centralized vision for the urban forest.

The Urban Forest Master Plan will be a long-term plan to maximize the benefits of the urban forest now and in the future.

A virtual workshop was held on Thursday via Zoom to discuss the community’s vision, values and preferences related to urban trees. Feedback received from this process will help guide the plan.

Participants at the online forum expressed concern over a range of tree issues, including the ongoing clearcutting of wooded property for development in East Fort Worth, the lack of tree cover along the Trinity Trails, the lack of care that some developers show regarding trees planted for mitigation and the need to preserve and protect mature trees.

Residents can still provide feedback by taking a brief survey, which closes at the end of February 2023.


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