Eleven ways for energy efficiency at the stove

Do you know that just by changing a few old habits, you can reduce how often you use your stove? Here are some great tips!

  • Covered pots boil faster
  • Pressure cookers and microwave ovens reduce cooking time
  • When cooking multiple things, re-use an already hot burner or heated oven
  • Let frozen food thaw before cooking
  • Cut food into smaller pieces before cooking - so that it cooks more quickly
  • Turn off stove before finishing cooking; the pot will continue to retain its heat for a while
  • Pick the right size pot for what you are trying to cook
  • Electric heats more consistently than gas; however, convection heats even more consistently and quickly
  • Many foods don’t require preheating the oven
  • You can turn the oven off earlier, if you don’t open the door while baking
  • Opening the oven door can cause the temperature to drop by 25-75 degrees

Are there things you do to save energy at the stove? Please post comments and share them!