The 'Now This Earth' series kicked off this week on the web-based platform.

Jan. 27, 2021

EarthxTV is adding a new series it hopes will appeal to Millennial and Gen-Z audiences.

This week, EarthxTV began streaming daily content from NowThis Earth, a mobile news channel created by NowThis, a popular mobile news brand.

EarthxTV is a web-based platform launched by EarthX last fall.

The Dallas-based nonprofit, founded in 2011 by environmentalist and businessman Trammell S. Crow, is known for its annual environmental expo, conference and film festival at Fair Park. After hosting the festival virtually last year during the pandemic, the organization expanded its online offerings with the launch of EarthxTV.

According to EarthX, the online platform aims to provide “balanced and inclusive” environmental conversations, programs, emerging media and films year round.

Crow says EarthX’s partnership with NowThis Earth will enable the nonprofit to enlarge its influence and support its purpose to promote environmental awareness and impact. 

“The collaboration with NowThis increases our ability to inspire a younger audience and energize a global community in ways that help create a sustainable world for all living things, and a better, cleaner, healthier world for future generations,” said Crow.

The NowThisEarth content is focused on environmental issues and simple solutions to help the planet. The content will come in the form of daily news, as well as explanatory style videos that inform the audience on the daily actions they can take to care for the environment.   

“In the wake of growing environmental crises around the globe, there is a planet-sized news and information gap on the big picture of what’s happening to the Earth’s systems as a whole. NowThis Earth was launched to inform Millennial and Gen-Z audiences about the implications of human activity on our planet and illuminate solutions to these urgent challenges,” said NowThis President Athan Stephanopoulos. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with EarthX to further extend our coverage on these important issues to their community.” 

NowThis Earth was created in partnership with Earth HQ, the media arm of the Global Commons Alliance, a coalition of scientific, philanthropic and conservation organizations along with business networks working to protect the global commons.

“There is overwhelming evidence that we are in the middle of a planetary emergency,” said Tim Kelly, Director of the Global Commons Alliance’s Earth HQ. “We aim to work with EarthX to establish NowThis Earth as an indispensable news source for young people wanting to take action now.”



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