DFW solar advocates seek community projects

The North Texas Renewable Energy Group is looking for community service projects it can lend a hand with. Photo by Storyblocks.

Jan. 21, 2021

Some North Texas greenies are offering up their services.

The North Texas Renewable Energy Group is a local advocate for sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The group is known for hosting the annual DFW Solar Tour, which garnered a Green Source DFW Award in 2019 for a decade of success. 

Robert Litwins accepts GSDFW award for the DFW Solar Tour in 2019Robert Litwins of the North Texas Renewable Energy group accepts the GSDFW Volunteer Award on behalf of the DFW Solar Tour in 2019. Photo by Jim West.

Now, boasting a surplus of volunteers with time on their hands, the group recently put out a call to find projects it can help with.

“NTREG members have energy and an enormous amount of expertise that could be channeled for a beneficial purpose,” read an email from the group.

Founded in 2001, NTREG is the largest and most active affiliate of the Texas Solar Energy Society.

According to Rosa Orenstein, chair of NTREG, the group has about 60 paid members and draws about 200 followers on its discussion platform.

“We were hoping for a project that both involved our members’ expertise in solar and renewables and helped contribute to solving a community challenge,” said Orenstein. 

However, Orenstein cautioned that the project needs to be manageable. For example, she said some members want to see community solar brought to the underserved areas of the DFW area. 

However, she said that undertaking is beyond their scope.

“Too many legal, financial and practical hurtles to be overcome within a reasonable period of time,” she said.

If you have a project you would like NTREG to consider, send an outline with the following information: 

1. Purpose of project. 

2. Cost estimate. 

3. Number of volunteers or volunteer hours which might be required 

4. Timeline.

Deadline to submit a proposal is Feb. 6 at 5 p.m. Email to mellenmail@gmailcom using the subject line: NTREG 2021 Service Project Submittal.



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