By Jada Brazell     

“We do not inherit the world from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.”

Even as his business grows 30-40 percent each year, Daniel Schemel, CEO and designer of timepiece company Mistura Designs, continues to put the environment before his own success. “If not, there won’t be a world to leave to our children,” said Schemel, who went from selling his watches only online to offering them to shoppers in his Dallas Galleria store in only seven years.

Schemel, a Columbia native who moved to the U.S. in 2001, designs the unique, contemporary wooden timepieces with three of his friends – one from the U.S. and two from Columbia. Mistura’s designs have been hailed as striking, bold, colorful, and unmistakable.

The creation of each collection is a labor of love as designers collaborate on concept designs. Each handcrafted piece is made of materials that undergo minimal chemical processes, using small amounts of electricity. Each is constructed with renewable resources and sustainable suppliers, assembled with battery-saving hardware.

Schemel’s work and company have received a heavy share of press, appearing in publications as diverse as Playboy, Swagg, D Magazine, This Magnificent Life, and Thrillest; as well as on television stations including NBC and Univision and on the arms of celebrities like movie star Catherine Zeta-Jones. Locally, Mistura was nominated by D Magazine two years in a row for Best Jewelry Designer on top of multiple awards in the arts industry.

 (Photo: Dallas-based Mistura's unique timepieces are designed to reflect nature's unity with art)

Yet despite the publicity and recognition, Schemel remains true to his roots: “The designs themselves echo the natural beauty of Columbia,” he said, adding that the spirit behind Mistura is “as nature intended.”

Given this theme, Mistura’s designs stem from nature’s unity with art; and buyers get to join in the union, choosing the precise details of their own timepieces down to the color of the second hand. There is no shortage of materials from which to choose: wood, leather, recycled materials, pressed flower petals and more. Additionally, each material offers an array of colors from which to choose, utilizing natural dye when dying is necessary.

While each of the more than 10 collections has a distinct look, the customization (which can be done completely online) makes each watch one of a kind. It is not uncommon for a designer to spend 85 hours on one piece, as it undergoes careful, detailed handcrafting. Mistura’s designers are tireless in creating new collections; this spring they will be adding a recycled materials collection and a collection paying homage to flowers.

As they grow, the company plans to give back to the people of Columbia and the environment in additional ways. Currently, they are working to provide aid to empower poverty-stricken children of Columbia in addition to supporting a charity that reforests certain areas of America.

To celebrate Mistura’s growth and educate guests about the company’s roots, Schemel will co-host a grand opening event on April 26 with a Dress Code, style, and wardrobe consulting company.

“We want to bring awareness not only about our company but also about the planet’s deteriorating condition and what we can do to resurrect it to life,” Schemel said.

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Jada Brazell is a freelance writer who also consults for fashion- and art-based businesses on branding. She has written for the Odessa American, edited for the Texas Senate and RadioShack, and contributed to several magazines and newspapers in Central and South Texas.