Oct. 28, 2013

Designer Dorris Bogus wants her activewear to be stylish but she also caters to active and eco-conscious women by offering green options.

Bogus, the creator of KaMIT Sport based in Dallas, said eco-friendly pieces make up about a third of her sportswear line. However, this Tennessee native turned Dallasite says that even before she started her company she was always thinking green.   

“Being green is a big priority in my life,’ says Bogus. “I personally recycle paper, plastic and clothing."   

Her designs run the gamut of ladies fitness and lifestyle sportswear including sports bras, tops, pants, skirts, capri, shorts and jackets. Currently 30 percent are made with eco-friendly fabrics.

With customers nationwide, Kamit’s designs sell anywhere from $35 to $250, offering a good mix of ladies fitness and lifestyle sportswear. Bogus says her designs are suitable for a number of activities like yoga, tennis and general fitness, but points out their versatility.

Bamboo coverup. Bamboo yoga shorts and top from the Joy Collection. Bamboo leopard tank top.

“Many of our designs can do double duty as fitness and lifestyle pieces.” 

Bogus says the main eco-friendly fabrics they use are bamboo and organic cotton. 

“Designing activewear with bamboo is ideal because of its natural anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties. In addition it is easy to maintain, but you have to wash in cool water and hang dry.”

The idea for KaMit’s eco-friendly sportswear began, Bogus says, because she says she was asked by a third grader if her company recycled.  

“It made me more conscious of the generations that would come after me,” she explains. “I did research and found that that is a priority for many. I decided to do my part by creating, designing and producing an eco-friendly sports line because I want to leave the planet in good condition for future generation.”   

Bogus is very hands-on in the process of the designs, which are sewn and produced in-house in Dallas. Bogus does everything from selecting the fabrics and deciding on the color schemes to selecting the notions to creating a finished product.    

“At KaMIT we are a vertical operation,” she says. “All of the designing, pattern-making and sample sewing is done in house. It is important to me to be able to control the quality of the design process from start to finish.”

In addition to her company, Bogus is also an ACE-certified group fitness trainer so she keeps the design of her sportswear in mind in regard to how comfortable the piece will be to wear as well.  

Bamboo and organic cotton workout ensemble from the Harmony Collection.

She also prides herself in the fact that her eco-friendly sportswear looks good on since KaMIT Sport offers slenderizing pieces that look good not after you have shed the pounds, but also while you are doing it.

Bogus’ work was recognized in 2011 around Texas when she was a finalist in the Texas Next Top Designer competition. It was a positive nod to her love for designing hip, yet functional pieces that use the concept of sportswear with an added flavor for those women who want active wear that doubles as upscale clothing. 

“I began this company primarily because I enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the process of bringing an idea to physical life," Bogus concludes. “Secondly, women are busy and wear many hats. KaMIT’s line solves the problem by helping them not have to make too many wardrobe changes as they move from one activity to the next. KaMIT’s designs help all busy women transition through their day in comfort and style.” 

Dorris Bogus

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