Dallas Greendrinks and Net Impact are planning another Carrotmob. This time they are coming together under the green umbrella of Earth Day Dallas to once again bring people together to ‘mob’ a local Dallas business.  Carrotmob will reward an environmentally and socially responsible business with a mob of new customers.  Businesses that will be competing to benefit from such huge crowds on April 23 include 5 downtown favorites at One Arts Plaza: The Screen Door, Fedora, Teijan, Commissary, and Jorge’s. 

The event will be held on April 23rd from 5-8 p.m., and is part of the Closing Ceremonies – Block Party for Earth Day Dallas 2011.  The organizers are calling on all the eco-conscious consumers of Dallas to gather their family and friends to join forces and partake in the second Dallas Carrotmob.  The more people that show up that evening, the greater impact the event will have in improving the sustainability and energy efficiency of all the businesses that decide to participate and bid on the “crowd’s participation”.

“It is amazing to watch the seeds we planted in October grow and blossom, and merge with Earth Day Dallas” says Tajana Mesic, one of the Carrotmob organizers and Managing Director of Green Grove Group, a sustainability consultancy. “Earth Day Dallas, Carrotmob, Net Impact, Greendrinks. We are collectively honored to engage and catalyze our community in ‘greening’ Dallas and North Texas. As we bring on more community-engaging events, our collective roots are growing deeper and stronger. Everyone benefits – the community, our health, and our business.  Opportunity lies where community and business intersect,” Mesic says.

Last October, Dallas warmly welcomed their first ever Carrotmob to La Grange. The Deep Ellum hotspot pledged a generous percentage (81.5%) to make environmentally friendly improvements to their place of business.  Everyone came out and had a great time; the end of the night resulted in revenue of over $3,600, of which all $2,934 was reinvested into making environmental improvements throughout the establishment. The lights were changed to LED, the restaurant installed a bike rack for bike-friendly customers, changed some key processes to be more sustainable, and had solar films put on their west-facing windows.

As the Economist reported, Carrotmobs are “shopping for a good cause” throwing their cash at businesses who have agreed to make positive changes in the way they do business.

Carrotmob, a US-based, non-profit with an international reach, offers the general public a way to make their voices heard, debatably through the most influential means – money.  A vote with their dollars drives local business, ultimately strengthening the local economy.  Sustainable changes within the business will be the ultimate investment.

Prior to the Carrotmob, eco-friendly Dallasites will gather for this year’s annual Earth Day Dallas, which will be held on 22-23 of April; and features two days of engaging exhibits, compelling speakers, music, entertainment, food and fun for everyone. It’s an exciting time for North Texans to come together to learn how we can all make a positive impact on our community and our world, and how we can grow a greener Dallas together. "Carrotmob is about having fun supporting businesses while encouraging energy savings for a sustainable ecology," said Eduardo Hope, a local freelance Spanish-English translator and teacher acting as spokesperson for Carrotmob. "It is good way of bringing Earth Day in downtown Dallas to a close."

Come out and join the cause Saturday April 23 from 5 - 8 o’clock in the evening downtown in the Arts District.  As consumer spenders, direct your power towards a good cause, and a greener tomorrow for us all.