March 9, 207

A Texas artist recently created some interesting roadside art for residents and drivers through Collin County. 

Houston-born Nathan Randall Green was hired by Light Farms to create the abstract mural at its 1,070-acre master-planned community in Celina, Texas.

The community, developed by Republic Property Group, already includes progressive amenities such as hiking and biking trails, a greenbelt system, a fitness center and a bike-sharing program. 

Light Farms muralNow the 17-foot-by-125-foot mural spruces up a once-mundane metal storage barn on the corner of Frontier Road and Prairie Crossing, across from a cow pasture. 

“One of Republic Property Group's goals with Light Farms was to introduce original art to the community, blending the installations with the existing infrastructure of the property and enhancing what already is present,” said Allie Lesiuk, spokeswoman for Light Farms. She added that RPG had commissioned a local artist to create a metal rooster for another property in Cypress.

Green, currently lives in New York City, but RPG's graphic designer knew the University of Texas at Austin grad. They were impressed with his extensive experience with bright, geometric pieces and public installations. 

And so the “Light Farms Razzle Dazzle Pastoral Palette” mural was born.

Light Farms mural Nathan Randall GreenThe mural, located on a large storage shed used to store tools and gardening equipment for the community, was inspired during Green’s initial site visit where he noticed the angular nature of the timber beams that make up the Light Farms Information and Fitness Centers. He replaced the original corrugated steel wall of the shed with flat steel, which not only made for a better surface to paint on, but allows the piece to be moved to different locations around the property in the future. He chose colors to complement the landscape.

“My color palette was inspired by the big, blue Texas sky, the green of the surrounding fields and the burnt umber of the sorghum crops,” Green said. “It’s exciting for me as an artist to bring a work of art out into the public space where people of all ages could see and enjoy it. I wanted to create a warm vibrant piece of art that injected a bit of color to match the vibe of the community and its residents.”

With help from friends from Austin, Green completed the work in seven days.

 “Light Farms values art as an intrinsic piece of the community and has strived to incorporate thoughtful, unique and interactive pieces throughout since its inception,” said Lesiuk. “From its authentic, restored tractors placed throughout the community, to the steel rooster sculpture, to the mural, Light Farms will continue to incorporate art in the community and is always looking for ways to do so.”


Interview with Artist Nathan Randall Green!

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