Dallas-based Dolphin Blue launched NaturalHealthyBedroom.com last April.

March 21, 2017

It’s where we spend from six to 10 hours a day. But we should wake up to the fact that our bedrooms aren't the healthiest rooms in our homes, says a Dallas-based eco-retailer. 

That’s why Dolphin Blue, founded by Dallas greenie Tom Kemper in 1994, launched NaturalHealthyBedroom.com in April last year.

Dolphin Blue Natural Healthy Bedroom cotton pillowsMike LaBuda, chief operating officer at Dolphin Blue, said they decided to launch the site because they saw the need for non-toxic and healthy products for the bedroom.

Organic cotton pillows from NaturalHealthyBedroom.com.

“Since we all spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms every day, it is important that we are not breathing in harsh chemicals and toxic substances while we are in there,” LaBuda said.  

For example not only do folks lie on a mattress all night, but they also snuggle up in bed linens and lay their face on a pillow while breathing in the gases from the materials. 

“Most mattresses contain chemical flame retardants that can disrupt hormone levels and cause other health issues while many pillows and linens are made with materials that contain toxic substances,” LaBuda said. “[NaturalHealthyBedroom] mattresses contain natural flame retardants, like organic wool, and are made with organic cotton. Our linens, pillows and other bedding are made with organic cotton and are pesticide free.”

Before ever creating the company, LaBuda gathered research about the products the company now offers.

“Our research shows that the market for organic bedding, pillows and mattresses is growing because consumers, like us, are realizing that the mattresses, linens and pillows we are buying for ourselves and our families contain chemicals and materials that are toxic to our health,” LaBuda explained. “The thought of our loved ones breathing in the harmful chemicals all night is scary and is prompting many people to find alternative products that are made the right way.”  Dolphin Blue healthy bedroom cotton duvet

100-percent organic cotton duvet from NaturalHealthyBedroom.com. 

Natural Healthy Bedroom offers Global Organic Textile Standard-certified organic mattresses made with organic cotton, organic wool batting and Global Organic Latex Standard-certified organic latex. The company also sells organic pillows made from organic cotton, organic wool, natural latex and other organic materials. Most of the mattresses, pillows and mattress pads have the Green Guard Certification, which is a third-party testing program for chemical emissions into indoor air. For folks with allergies, the company sells organic allergy encasements, duvets and crib mattresses and everything is made in the USA.

“Natural Healthy Bedroom believes in supporting our local and national economy by selling the finest organic bedding products available,” LaBuda said. “Natural Healthy Bedroom does not compromise when we select the products to sell on our website.”

With prices ranging from $29 for an Organic Waterproof Pad to organic mattresses starting at $1,199, LaBuda said the company does surprisingly well with the Dorm Room Set for teens heading off to college.

As an added bonus for Green Source DFW readers, NaturalHealthyBedroom.com is offering a coupon code NHB15 to use at checkout to get 15 percent off your order.

“Our certified organic pillows are also a hit with people starting to make the switch from their conventional pillows to a healthier alternative,” he said.

With a possible storefront in the future, currently NaturalHealthyBedroom.com is operated from the Dolphin Blue office in Dallas. Customers find the healthy sleep solution most commonly though newsletters, social media, organic outreach, advertisements and face-to-face and come from all walks of life.  

“The most common aspect of our customers is they realize the importance of having a healthy bedroom and a healthy life not only for themselves but for their families.” LaBuda said.  “NaturalHealthyBedroom.com has done well and traffic to our site is increasing so we are very excited.”   

As an added bonus for Green Source DFW readers, NaturalHealthyBedroom.com is offering a coupon code NHB15 to use at checkout to get 15 percent off your order. Offer expires April 30, 2017.


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