A solar public art installation in Austin is one of the sustainability projects posted on AmbientGreenery.com. Photos courtesy of AmbientGreenery.com.

May 21, 2018

A Dallas woman has created a social media site for sustainability fans.

The website AmbientGreenery.com aims to encourage sustainability worldwide by offering a digital forum where anyone can post a photo of a cool sustainable find. 

Paper clothes hangersThe woman, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of repurcussions at work, launched the site in November. By day, the Houston native is a mechanical engineer who has been interested in renewable energy all her adult life.

These fiberboard clothing hangers are made by Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions. Posted by Deer Lake Lodge in Montgomery, Texas.

“My interest in renewable energy developed into an interest in sustainability,” she explains. 

She quickly discovered there were many different aspects of sustainability and decided there should be a way for people to share and learn from each other. Her solution was AmbientGreenery.com.

"It’s free and globally assessable/pertinent to everyone," she said. "Individuals can learn and contribute what they, their city, business, etc. are doing.”

Trough plantersAnyone can post to the site as long as it encourages sustainability. It’s simple – whenever or wherever you see a good sustainable idea, just take a photo and write a brief description and post. The whole idea is to inspire and help others.  

Planters made from water troughs. Posted by Deer Lake Lodge in Montgomery, Texas.

“It can be as simple as small efforts like saving water while washing dishes, pollinating in your backyard or something your city is doing.”

Recycling cageShe adds that ideally when a reader sees a particular post, they will take that idea and repurpose it.  

“Hopefully an idea will stimulate someone.”

City recycling cages in Colombia.

A recent post that received front page coverage was about an Australian company, OzHarvest, which manages a set of rescued food supermarkets, food trucks and its own charity. They work to gather surplus food and reduce food waste from all types of food providers, while distributing meals and food to hundreds of other charities.  

“They work hard to give away full meals. It’s extremely impressive as to what they manage to accomplish.”

Even though the Ambient Green founder is not a website designer, she “dug in” and learned every aspect.  

Bird nesting materials“I very much love design and color, so I created [the website] in that manner. I had a little help with certain aspects, but overall it was my work.”

Nesting materials for birds, Houston, Texas.

AmbientGreenery.com is owned by the Dallas woman and registered as a business, but making a profit is not her ultimate goal.  

“I want it to be used primarily as a resource tool. In the future, I would like to see some profit through advertisers. Any income would go toward future sustainability efforts.”

Solar chargerThe bulk of the AmbientGreenery.com website marketing is done through direct contact with eco-minded hotels, businesses, restaurants, etc.  

DIY solar charger, Houston, Texas.

“We tell them that it’s a place where they can share their items.”

Plans to have AmbientGreenery.com searchable through categories are in the works. For example, if someone is interested in saving on electricity, they can easily filter through the database.  

“Once we really get a good chunk [eco-friendly concepts], we will be able to help more people.”  

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