A ribbon cutting was held for the Marty Leonard Lotus Marsh Boardwalk on Earth Day.

The Credo Community Choir will perform Protecting Our Planet on May 18 at the Moody Performance Hall.

The founder of Firefly Conservation and Research says lightning bugs need our help to survive.

Deadline to comment of the first Texas laws protecting mountain lions is May 22.

Celebrate Mom's Day with green style

Andrea Ridout shares eight eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Herp experts share what to do when you spot a turtle on a busy thoroughfare.

2024 Oak Cliff Earth Day in photos

Here's a photo recap of 2024 Oak Cliff Earth Day held last Sunday. 


Arlington-based writer John Blair chronicles a former meadow's transition from prairie to a parking lot.

North Texas Day opens week of EarthX conferences.

North Texas Day is a day-long forum with speakers discussing local issues.

Chasing the Moon, chasing the Sun

Green Source director Wendel Withrow muses on the recent total eclipse in Texas.

The 42,000-square-foot facility is surrounded by the 7-acre Signature Park.