Molly Rooke: Environmental Advocate

July 10, 2011

By Brandolon Barnett     
What do words like “green”, sustainability or the environment mean to you? This is the theme for our first photo contest! Our goal here at Green Source is to strengthen the green community of North Texas. One of the best ways to do this is to share perspective not only through news-stories but through images and video.

Green retail business growing in Fort Worth

July 5, 2011

Cowtown is a little greener these days, thanks to Liz Johnston.

The 29-year-old Fort Worth native said growing up she’d never been particularly eco-conscious but her priorities shifted when she became pregnant with her first child. As an expecting mother, she became vigilant about what she ate, cleaned with and put into her home. Her concern was not only for her unborn daughter’s health but for the world she would inherit. 

June 29, 2011

By Brandolon Barnett  

Discussing Biking as Green Business, the Bike Friendly Concept, and Dallas's New Bike Plan

McKinney’s Greenest Spa

By Rita Cook     

By Esther Wu    

Recycle and Repurpose artist Angela Mosera

By Rita Cook

For 35-year-old Dallas recycle artist Angela Mosera the art she creates from antique broken watches and a medley of other recycled items is her way to give back.  Retooling the watch pieces into necklaces, earrings and even cuff-links, she also makes wine charm sets out of scrabble pieces and purses out of old wooden boxes.

Greening Your Kids This Summer

By Rita Cook   

How much do your children know about
green living -- here are some simple ways to turn an eco-friendly education
into fun.

Instead of spending time doing the same
old activities with your children this summer, get outdoors and teach your
tykes a little about the earth. Not sure where to begin, here are a few ideas
to get you started.

Making kitchen composting easier

By Robin Sowton

Perhaps you've just started composting. You're dumping leaves and grass clippings into a corner of the yard regularly, but you just haven't got into recycling the kitchen scraps. After all it can be annoying to have banana peels, coffee grains or vegetable trimmings sitting out until it is convenient to take them outside.

By Rita Cook

Winner of the iPad2

Judy Schaffer, Principal at JSO Commercial Interiors, signed up at GSDFW and was selected from all those registered to win an iPad2.  She is a licensed interior designer with extensive training in Feng Shui design,  Judy  stresses environmentally friendly products in her practice.  Eighty percent of the furnishings and accessories in her home are either from renewable resources or are repurposed .  She is a member of the Green Weavers Meetup. Congratulations, Judy.

This Summer... Beating the Heat With Clean Cars

Rapidly rising gas prices across the country are shining a spotlight on the dire consequences of America’s dependence on oil. The transportation sector accounts for nearly two-thirds of the more than 19 million barrels of oil consumed each day in the United States.

The largest percentage is consumed by passenger cars and light duty trucks, such as SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks.