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                        All photos depict an Austin home with permaculture features designed by John Bushe. Tonight, gardening enthusiasts and sustainability advocates can check out the permaculture features John Bushe... Read more ..
Where to celebrate the solstice in DFW and see the best light displays, along with tips for natural decorating and green gifts. Dec. 16, 2014 By Amy Martin  For thousands of years, we lived by nature’s rhythms, stirring in the spring, expanding in the summer, gathering in... Read more ..
                  The empty chairs represent the six open city council seats that the Dallas Green Alliance hopes to fill with green conscious council members. The political action committee will be supporting candidates who oppose... Read more ..
                        Mansfield Gas Well Awareness is a coalition of residents asking their city leaders to update Mansfield's outdated gas drilling ordinance to protect their health and quality of life. Dec. 10,... Read more ..
Left, In November, Snappy Salads began serving its guests paper straws instead of plastic versions at its seven DFW locations. Courtesy of Snappy Salads. Dec. 9, 2014 By Rita Cook  Snappy Salads, a Dallas-based restaurant chain, recently announced it’s ditched plastic... Read more ..
      Dec. 8, 2014 By Julie Thibodeaux Greenies know they need to shop local but when you’re strapped for time and stumped for ideas, it’s easy to resort to the big box stores.  Here’s some eco-friendly items found at local green venues to jump start your... Read more ..
                    Local green expert Fran Witte offers her best advice for an eco-friendly holiday. Above, olive branch wreath, courtesy of Mary Jo Hoffman/ Dec. 3, 2014 By Julie Thibodeaux We start out with... Read more ..
                    The Dallas Fed Ex Ground Hub, located in Hutchins, began drawing power from more than 4,500 solar panels in October. Photos courtesy of FedEx. Dec. 2, 2014  By Rita Cook  Fed Ex is soaking up... Read more ..